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About us :

A.D.B.U. Inc.
is an entertainment company established to create and provide exceptional music.

A.D.B.U. Inc. teaches, develops and exposes artists to countless events/venues and other career advancement opportunities both nationally and internationally. We've built and continue to build a platform for musicians and artists to cultivate their craft as well as provide a network for the advancement of their careers.

A.D.B.U. Inc is the Umbrella for our four divisions working in conjunction with each other to reach and capture the vision of the company

For Booking Contact Us:

Phone: 718-703-6602
E-mail: info@artistdoingbusiness.com


Our Company's goal is to showcase creative and exceptional talent to a wider and broader audience, Building and utilizing the network we've developed over the years, Creating opportunities for artists to perform through live performances, the visual arts, CD and DVD distribution.

Our Vision is to have a steady and consistent flow of career opportunities for artists.  To expand our network beyond only musicians and vocalists and exploring all genres of music engaging in music production, film and art, theatre and photography working alongside, growing and enhancing the world of art.

Favour Records Provides creative, beautiful music with quality that intrigues, motivates and inspires music lovers. Having a vision of building a legacy of integrity and excellence.

L.I.V.E. Music Division Provides an excellent service of Live professional high quality music

Our Production Division Produces artistic creativity and fresh sounds of today, making classic music for tomorrow's generations. Understanding and mastering the idiom of musical genres, enhancing each artist and project combined with passion, creativity, talent, knowledge and expertise of our producers each project possess a unique, quality of excellence separate and above the rest.

Our Publishing Division Supports great songwriters, composers in their creative process, promoting, managing and protecting their catalogue enhancing the value of their work.

NY Public School Vendor we strongly believe in the positive influence of arts in the schools. We have greatly benefited from music programs during our public schooling and are examples of the powerful impact these programs have made in our lives. Through our musical performances and productions designed for school age children, we love to educate, entertain and empower

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