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DaChonne's lyrics speak of the journey of life's relationships, joys and pains. It expresses how the challenges of life can make us stronger, it's in the struggle and pain where we develop character, strength and resilience.
From celebrating true friendships; reaching for your dreams, living life without regrets; forgiveness; refusing to be defined by our mistakes or weaknesses or by others...to dealing with hypocrisy, and watching the very words we say. It's very clear that DaChonne vulnerable speaks out of the debts of her heart, soul and experiences. What comes from her heart will truly reach yours.

The music and lyrics of this project is timeless; it will touch your soul. The grooves will move you to dance as her voice and lyrics captures your heart motivating you, leaving you inspired and wanting more, helping you to become stronger than before you sat down to listen.

Available on ITunes and Amazon.com

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Artist (Singer/Songwriter)

Livin' My Life the EP was released November 16, 2010 and can also be purchased on Itunes and Amazon.com

"Livin' My Life" and I'm Strong has a Neo-Soul, Urban Contemporary style with pop and soul influences.

Look for "I'm Strong to be released in 2011

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Listen to Livin' My Life EP Tracks.

Hair Stylist Liana Robinson
Photographer: Brandon Gilbert

Livin'My Life is the title of the EP released November 16, 2010 and is growing on internet airways at great speed around the world. This 6 track EP is a preview of the debut R&B/Soul CD "I'm Strong" to be released in 2011.

I'm Strong" was written entirely by DaChonne as well as co-produced along with jazz pianist extraordinaire Karl Browne. Together these talented musicians used their musical backgrounds and influences along with live recorded music to produce a fusion of soul.